About Us

At Silver Advance, we are a small group of professionals who have experienced first hand the need for honesty and transparency in real estate deals. As a result, Silver Advance simplifies and speeds up the process for realtors to sell their future commission at a discount for funds in their account today. There are no gimmicks with us, no hidden fees and only transparency and honesty. We know how difficult it may be to find an honest partner and we give you our promise that we will be that partner and show you our commitment in helping you grow your business.

Our team consists of real estate investors, real estate agents and banking specialists. The combination of all of our members' expertise allows us to create an efficient and extremely fast process which in turn saves our clients money and lets us deliver funds to our clients faster than 99% of our competition. Our company does not have salesmen, rather our clients will always speak directly with one of the members who have tremendous expertise and knowledge in the real estate industry. Silver Advance professionals have worked in a variety of deals ranging from residential sales to residential/commercial leases and even specialty deals in the retail and pharmaceutical sector. Silver Advance has the capabilities to help our clients build their business. We are truly an asset that every realtor should consider and are flexible in our terms unlike our competition. We will always strive to meet our clients' goals and will always hold true to our values of being fast, honest and transparent.