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3 Ways A Commission Advance Can Improve Your Credit

Many times, commission advances have bad stereotypes and are likened to pay-day loans. Full stop. They are NOT payday loans and they are NOT predatory. Well, at least this depends on the company with which you are dealing. There are various companies that charge exorbitant fees and even higher late fees if you cannot pay back on time. is NOT one of those companies. Their fees are extremely reasonable, and their commission advances have the lowest rates in the industry. You may ask yourself, “why?” or “how?” Silver Advance views itself as a partner with its clients and so they will only approve people where the transaction is strong, the person has a good use for the money, and it will help them elevate their business.

Often times, there are applicants who are in fear that a commission advance can affect their credit. They are either looking to finance a car, or apply for a mortgage, or they need a much larger long-term business loan and they have to keep their credit report clean. A real estate commission advance can be an extremely useful tool when attempting to manage one’s credit. According to the Money Saving Expert, your credit score is extremely important as it can impact all areas of your life, from credit cards to other loans and even your mobile contracts. If you ignore your credit or actively do not make improvements to your score, you can find yourself in a financial limbo or even worse, a demise.

So how can a commission advance help your credit? Here are 3 ways that a real estate commission advance can assist you and prevent you from going into a financial free fall.

1. A real estate commission advance can keep you current on your fixed monthly bills. If you default on any of your accounts or are late consistently, then this will negatively affect your credit. A negative credit score will prevent you from borrowing in the future. A commission advance can help you manage these payments and keep your credit score in check.

2. If you are applying for a mortgage at your bank, they want to know that you can consistently pay back your monthly payments. A major way that they assess this is by looking at consistent monthly cash-flow. Real estate agents often experience unpredicted cash-flows so a commission advance can help show the bank that you do have consistent income.

3. Did you know a huge factor in determining your credit score is your percentage use of your available credit? For example, if you apply for a credit card with a $5,000 limit because you know that you only need up to that amount and then you rack up bills close to $5K, then the bank will see that as you using almost 99% of your available credit. Instead, you can rely on a commission advance and then you do not have to use the $5K on your credit card. Your ratio of used credit to available credit will tremendously decrease and your score is likely to improve.

If you are smart, responsible and able to manage your monthly cashflow with the right resources at hand, then a real estate commission advance is perfect for you. Silver Advance has no gimmicks and no-hidden fees. They are undoubtedly the most respectful commission advance company in the industry. Apply now and give it a try.

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