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3 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Fast-Sell Their Property Listings

Selling property in this economy is no walk in the park. Properties can sit on the market for ages before real estate agents find a buyer.

In order to fast-sell, real estate agents need to rely on unique tactics that generate results. If you’re struggling to sell a listed property, here are three ways you can adopt to close a deal.

The Power of Online Marketing

Social media and online marketing are some of the best tools to attract potential buyers. Get to work as soon as you sign the contract with the owner. Sneak peeks of listing, regular updates, documenting renovation process and offering insights into the neighborhood are just a few tools you can use to create interest through your social media.

Use Facebook and Instagram ads to target potential buyers all over the state—and even across the country. Apart from this, don’t forget to put up a ‘for sale’ sign—with your complete information—outside the property.

Mean What You Say

Don’t be one of those agents that write “fully-equipped outdoor sauna” in the listing, while in reality, the house offers a low-quality bathtub in the lawn. Not only do misleading ads create mistrust with the current clients, but they also lead to bad reviews on Yelp and your website. This can impact your business negatively and deter any potential clients from hiring your services.

Also, keep in mind that language is an important part of online listings. Using the right keywords and enticing language can change the way potential buyers look at the property. While you shouldn’t stray far from the facts, you can still rely on certain words to improve the prospects for the property.

Offer Visuals

We live in a busy world. If a person is looking to switch apartments or trying to find a home in a new city, they probably won’t have time to personally visit every single listing they’re interested in. That’s why you should add high-quality images and videos, so the buyers can make their initial decision online.

Visual listings also filter out the clients looking for residential properties in your area but with different needs and requirements. This way, you can save your time and focus only on serious buyers.

While these strategies are highly productive, the truth is that real estate is an expensive line of work to be in. From potential clients disappearing on you to current ones being unable to make their mind, the challenges are extensive and never-ending. So, if you have trouble closing deals due to clients’ unrealistic expectations or any other reason, we can help you out.

At Silver Advance, we offer real estate commission advance to real estate agents stuck in a bad situation and in need of quick cash. By just filling a simple form, you can secure yourself an advance commission for your next property listing.

We’re based in New York and offer incredibly low rates, especially to agents with a history of successful deals. Feel free o get in touch with us for more information!

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