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COVID 19 Affecting Real Estate Professionals

In the current COVID 19 pandemic, real estate professionals are having to navigate through numerous obstacles that they have not had to experience in the past. Even the most experienced real estate professionals are facing many challenges that COVID 19 has caused from delayed listings to renegotiations. It has been much more difficult for Realtors to secure new deals, obtain new clients, assist their clients with finding lenders, and closing deals. There are fewer buyers in the market because people are either not working due to their place of business being closed or they fear that they may lose their job in today’s unstable economy. These challenges cause hardships on the careers of a lot of real estate professionals.

What does this mean for real estate professionals? Many experience further unpredictability of cash flows since recent sales volume has plummeted and buyers and sellers quickly jump to the table to renegotiate. With no income, real estate agents are finding it more difficult to pay their bills and keep up with the daily expenses necessary to run their business.

Silver Advance is here to assist you during these difficult times with a commission advance for real estate agents. We can provide you with funds and relieve some of the stress you may be feeling due to recent financial difficulties. Silver Advance provides Commission Advances to Realtors at reasonable and low rates. All you need is a sales contract with a buyer and a seller to get started. We work hard to provide you with funds within 24 hours from when you apply.

The process is simple and will take you no time to complete an Advance request. Once we receive the request, we will do the rest! After we have reviewed your application and you accept our offer to purchase your commission, a contract will be generated for you and your broker to sign. Yours funds will then be wired to you once the contract has been signed by all parties.

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