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How To Maximize The Power Of Real Estate Agent Reviews And Testimonials

Are you a great realtor who’s easy to work with, has extensive knowledge of all the local properties, and long years of experience under their belt? If so, here’s the bad news: none of that matters if you can’t convey all of these qualities to potential clients.

Marketing plays a significant role in the promotion of any good or service; real estate is no exception. Unfortunately, many realtors use marketing techniques that come off as too sales-driven. This type of marketing repels customers.

Potential customers prefer independent reviews and testimonials from other customers who availed your services. Take a look at how you can use these two marketing strategies to benefit your business.

How to ask for testimonials

When you’re out showing a property to a client, drop hints that they can leave online reviews to recommend your services to others. Keep it subtle and natural without coming off too strong, but also ensure that you get your point across.

You can start by sending a polite email to them after you’ve worked with them. Send them a link to a review form they can fill, and ask them if they can write a testimonial for your website.

You can even approach them for a video testimonial if their initial review was excellent, to increase your online engagement.

Choosing the right tools

Eighty-six percent of customers read reviews for businesses before buying products or availing services. So you need to make use of online tools, services, and apps to create a powerful impact on customers.

First, think about how you want to present your testimonial—will it be in the form of a review, a video, or a Q&A session? This will determine the platform which fits your needs.

Facebook and Yelp can be used to ask clients for feedback by writing reviews and rating your services. On the other hand, Instagram can be used for uploading video testimonials.

How do reviews and testimonials help you?

These marketing strategies not only increase your online engagement by putting you on everyone’s radar, but also help potential customers develop confidence in your brand.

Other than that, feedback will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve the quality of your services.

The benefits will also reflect in the real estate deals you finalize and the commissions you receive.

Use these strategies to make more commission and avail the services of Silver Advance in New York so you don’t have to wait for months to receive your payment. We give you an advance on your real estate commission without any hidden costs, enabling you to invest your money back in your own business. Get in touch with us today!

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